Stock delays

We do our very best to manage stock etas and time frames, unfortunately a lot falls out of our control. 2020 caused a massive hurdle with shipments into Australia, and the flow on effect was a really hard one to manage.

if your item falls out of the allocated ETA listed we are always happy to provide you a alternative or refund on a item. It’s always in our best interest to deliver as cancelling a order is not what we like to do. Until normality of stock arrivals into Australia again, some items will sell out fast and will need a restocking date.

Working with multiple warehouses, small medium and large. Updates can take some time to come through to provide you dates. ETA changes will be notified to you when we know.

The worldwide shipping industry is currently facing a series of unique challenges still from 2020, ranging from extreme weather conditions in Asia, covid positive events to congestion at local Australian shipping ports also shortages to containers

Thank you always for your support through the most challenging period everyone has faced with demand and stock.


Reach out to the friendly team if support is needed :)

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