We believe in our mattresses that much that we are offering something different.

it’s all about the B difference 

Next 50 Customers who purchase any of our Hand-Crafted - Australian Made Mattresses will receive; 

1) Replacement mattress (of the same mattress purchased) after the guarantee period.
2) FREE Delivery
3) You must sign up to account with us; subscribe to us.
4) Proof of purchase must be retained (electronic receipt)
5) Claim for free mattress must be made within 21 days of the warranty expiry date (ie, within 21 days of 5 years, 10 years etc etc)
6) Claim must be made by original who initial purchaser. Sufficient ID will be asked to prove claimants identity.
7) Valid in VIC only.
8) Claim must be sent to us in writing via email.
9) We reverse the right to deny a claim if we believe, on the reasonable grounds of; claimiant is not the original person or proof of purchase cannot be provided.

Simple, double the mattress for the price of one.

We got your back for years to come. #beatthis