How it’s done

Work order creation

Once you have made your order, We contact you to confirm the specifics - Then a work order is created for the manufacturing site. This placed in a que depending on volume of orders.

Let’s get in formation

Once work order approved - All the Fabrics, Materials & requirements are ordered/confirmed.

All hands on deck

Your work order is being created. This a step by step process. Headboard Framed, Fabrics Sowing, Foams, Base Building & More. Takes a team by hand to make your design.


Once your order is ready, We will be notifed & be contact regarding delivery process depending on your location.

Love to speak with you


Where are your products made?

Our custom beds are made at 2 sites in Melbourne & 1 site in Sydney. Each side has over 10+ years Experience in manufacturing. They care about the quality & finish of every design.

Where can I see your work?

We don’t have a store front, though if you head to our instagram’s

@wyldcustom (Behind the scenes)

See some of our clients beds here

Can I get progress photos?

Progress photos are not something we offer unless the manufacture has a question during the process. Stopping & starting causes a impact on manufactures time. I’m sure you’ll be impressed with the finish product.

How long does it take?

Depending on the demand as these take time. 2-10 weeks is our average estimated times depending on model. Please contact the team to confirm current times.

Why are you cheaper than other stores?

We believe in fair price for manufacturing in Australia. The quality is the same as “big brand stores” Supporting other businesses in the process. Our pricing is based off not having a store front & direct to the public. If you have a quoted design that you would like us to price beat. Email us. We will work some magic. That’s how confident we are.