COVID-19 Updates


Is the pandemic over? No, it’s actually in its prime. 
The new way to work and live. Are we over it? For sure!!
Due to the current climate, things are not running as smoothly as we want.
Some of the factors,
  • Couriers down to 50% capacity 
  • Extra Measures, Extra time
  • Supply Channels down to minimum staff
  • Business closures due to no staff
  • Wait on Timber, Fabrics and Foam
This is only to name a few.
Few things we want to mention,
  • If we provide you a estimated time of completion or dispatch. This may change without notice. (We don’t like delays as much as you as its costly from our end)
  • If we provided you a date, we cannot guarantee this date 100% - everything can change overnight.
  • Stock imports still impacted.
  • Your entitled to a full refund, if something is past a due date. This is always a option for our clients in this pandemic.
  • Fabrics, Timber etc, are taking longer then normal
  • We cannot make the couriers go any faster, in most cases responses is 2-3 days from them. They are low on numbers
  • Replacement parts, warehouse processing times.
The best way to look at is for example the big retailers experiencing issues with staff, stock and more. We know delays can be frustrating, but we will do everything we can including offering another product or a refund if anything is delayed in these times. What we won’t accept is abuse, bullying and threats. Sadly - this has become more and more present recently. The team are already working overtime to keep up in this environment. They do not deserve to be treated poorly. We will cancel your order for a full refund if this occurs. There are people behind the screen on the phone. Real people :)
Okay, off the negative train - to our amazing clients thank you for your support and love. It means a lot to us!
So to wrap this up, If you cannot wait longer for your order, or our date changes, or its urgent. We will refund you. But we may be slower in responses then normal, things will take longer then expected. 
Thats our commitment to you, in these times. What we need from your is patience please.
We are dispatching as fast as possible in the current environment 
(We don’t even like having this email to send out)
Keep safe out there! Any enquires do not hesitate to email us
Much love
Learn more about your rights here as a consumer during these times:

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