No Nightmares

tips in the bedroom

what you should check before purchasing. 

what to check looking at upgrading you’re bedroom

check what’s in the inside, the bed may look pretty but doesn’t mean its supportive.  we dare you to ask the question, why don’t they use solid timber slats, linen fabric, hardwood, acacia or real leather? cheap doesn’t always mean quality. what’s good about a new bed frame if you can’t sleep on it? 

OMG I saved $400+

did you really though? please complete market research when purchasing, ask the questions.

premium beds at affordable pricing

thats what we are about, no shortcuts here. internally and externally designed to last.

add an australian made, brucey, barry, sharon or norm - hand crafted mattress

you order you’re brand new mattress with a 101 sleep trial - we hand craft it in melbourne - takes around 2 days. feel special yet? when you add a mattress and bed frame to cart you’ll automatically save more.

solid timber slats 

start a chat with our bed experts

even though we are online store, we make sure we have our customer care team readyto answer all your questions including call backs. Start a conversation now in the bottom right hand corner - they are friendly!​ ​


mattress matters - sleepers guide

what you should check before purchasing a new mattress 

what to check when upgrading you’re mattress

Where is it made? What is the warranty? Why is the warranty that? Why does it come in a box? Why is it so expensive? Ask the questions!

whats so good about boxed mattresses?

Honestly from our point of view, it just makes it easier to transport. Need to wait 24-48 hours to sleep on it. OMG the unboxing! But can’t sleep on it straight away? Some imported mattresses only come with 1 year warranties - made in volume, not individually checked. No boxed mattresses here! They arrive fully formed ready to sleep! We switched to australian made hand-crafted mattresses with 3-15 year warranties. Did we mention that we hand-craft your mattress in melbourne when you order? Takes only 2 days! - should feel special.

cheap imported mattress vs australian made

Some brands out there that charge you the same you could be paying for a australian made mattress with a 10 year warranty. Have you checked out why they only offer you 1 year warranty on a mattress that should last you for years to come? Question it, we dare you. Buying a new mattress is a investment in you - you’re sleep. Think quality - think aussie made.